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Vital Alpha Testo Never! Professor José Antonio describes a study conducted during the NCAA Division football training and competition season. As a result, it was found that footballers who regularly take creatine have cramps much less frequently, as well as other painful manifestations such as feces, dehydration, sprains, and other injuries. Thus, it became clear that taking trained creatine is necessary even for trained athletes. The supplement will not only not cause harm, but, on the contrary, will have a protective effect against some negative factors associated with physical activity. If you read at least one of the answers above, you are sure to be convinced that creatine is completely safe - this is confirmed by numerous studies of the drug. Women leading an active lifestyle, paying attention to their figure and playing sports, are certainly recommended to take creatine to look athletic and fit. This question was answered by Alan Aragon, editor of Men's Health Sports Nutrition, and Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Kings and Anaheim team consultant. He is convinced that creatine monohydrate is what you need. It is not only cheaper than many similar drugs, but is also absorbed better. Do you want to have really strong shoulders, but you can’t achieve the necessary width and beauty, no matter how hard you try? Attribute failures to bad genetics or lack of access to the latest simulators? But have you tried to put into practice all that you read in books? Did you really make the effort needed to train your shoulders ?? No, no one says that you are not doing anything! But maybe you're doing what's wrong? Below we give the  9 most common problematic reasons why a lot of beginner (and not only) builders fail to build big shoulders. Honestly review your training, identify and admit mistakes. And then correct the training sessions to eliminate all obstacles to increasing shoulders. It happens that bodybuilders only work on the chest, back and legs. And this, in general, is correct. After all, large parts of the body require just such an attitude. They need solid muscle mass. But to achieve muscular shoulders, without which a beautiful pumped up body is simply impossible to imagine, will not be possible if neglected training of the deltoid muscles. After all, they form the outer shoulder contour. Correction of the situation: it is necessary to correctly set the training priorities. And finally pay the necessary attention to this muscle group. Either include a separate training session in the training cycle, or begin with exercises for the deltoid muscles each training session for pumping up the press or working with the back trapeze. Moreover, there should not be many such exercises, as well as the number of approaches for each of them.