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Teste forum
[font=微软雅黑]B[/font]efore wearing human hair wig, we’d better clean our lace front wigs, although strict control of the hygiene standards of the production of human hair wig, but the production technology of human hair lace wigs is higher, in the process of production after more procedures, we should wash human hair wig in wear.
Why Should you wash your human hair wig before wearing it?
   Human hair wigs are divided into virgin hair,remy hair and non-remy hair
For virgin hair,virgin hair is the best hair,the same as the hair on the human body, hair will breed bacteria, because of many reasons, such as: the weather, people and so on .it will produce stains, to keep the beauty of the hair to make yourself more attractive, so need to clean the virgin human hair wig before wearing
For remy hair, remy hair is the processed human hair weave,which will be accompanied by chemicals in the processing. For a small number of people,there may be discomfort during the wearing.Therefore, it needs to be cleaned before wearing.
For non-remy hair,non-remy hair is collected from various channels,with low cleanliness and chemical treatment, so the experience will be worse than that remy hair. Therefore, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned before wearing.
See here, I believe that someone will buy virgin hair,the human hair wig sold in SuperNova Hair mall are guaranteed to be 100% virgin hair, and we will clean and disinfect the hair many times to ensure the health of customers,if you need cheap and good quality virgin hair,please enter our mall to choose the hair product you like.

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