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you have to do is to think
is a wonderful word that is too little appreciated by people in North America and many other countries. Just look at recent news.

Prevention applies to mega forest fires (controlled burns in advance) Donnel Pumphrey Color Rush Jersey , earthquakes (better construction in California than Iran saved lives during similar levels of
earth tremors), and many diseases.

Unfortunately, the medical - pharmacology complex finds it far more profitable to treat diseases with pills and "procedures" (surgery), than to prevent them with good diet and lifestyle practices.

Unfortunately, most of us prefer magic cures to taking responsibility for our own health.

What is far worse is that many tests and surgeries are popular Rasul Douglas Color Rush Jersey , but actually do little for overall longevity.


CHOLESTEROL level in blood is easy to test, but is not the whole story for heart attack and stroke. But pill pushers love to sell drugs to reduce cholesterol levels.

Bypass Surgery is followed by new arterial blockage in only a few years. Balloon angioplasty is less traumatic, less
expensive, and provides immediate results. More important is the growing knowledge that diet can reduce, prevent Sidney Jones Color Rush Jersey , and even reverse plaque build up that leads to blockage.

Various forms of diabetes and cancer can be prevented by good choices in diet, without those expensive pills and other treatments that are needed after disease symptoms
become obvious.

Of course, no one lives for ever, but good health practices can result in long and active lives.

** Diet with FACTS, not MYTHS. **

About the author:
Dr. Miller is author of ""Easy Health Diet"" ""Exercise for
Juniors to Seniors"" numerous free articles on health > Seven of ten deaths are caused by preventable diseases.
How To Lose Weight In A Week Health Articles | September 28 Derek Barnett Color Rush Jersey , 2009
You may want to lose weight quickly and look good for that special event that may be quickly approaching. It may seem like a daunting task, but it's not at all impossible. Here's a look at how to lose weight in a week.
Loosing weight has never been easier than now. You can read everywhere tips about being in a good shape. And still, you have to be the queen of the prom at the big event. How to lose weight in a week just by changing your eating habits?

Start by adopting a diet rich in protein. This is one of the most effective ways to lose weight fast. Your muscles will remain in a good shape, without losing their firmness and elasticity. How does it work? Our body needs carbohydrates, but Dallas Goedert Color Rush Jersey , in the absence of these substances, it will consume more calories. I'm talking about those calories that are stored as fat. It's recommended to eat less, but more frequent.

Did you know that meat is digested in 72 hours? Maybe you didn't, but I'm sure you heard that meat contains many toxins. During the digestion process, these toxins are released into the body. Your extra weight can be also cause by the retention of water. Therefore Jay Ajayi Color Rush Jersey , it's good the avoid eating salt and salty foods.

Vegetables and fruit juices have a detoxifying effect, being also rich in nutrients. Clear soups can be very tasty and nourishing, helping you to burn the extra fat. Try to drink about 2 liters of liquids before breakfast. Don't forget about diuretic tea, herbal infusions, citrus juices and protein shakes.

People who don't have a good night sleep need a larger amount of food Brian Dawkins Color Rush Jersey , because their body doesn't have enough energy. Pay attention to this aspect, because it might be one of the reasons why you can't lose weight.

It's important to find a strong reason for our actions. Motivation is maybe the most important factor in life, directly related to our success or failure. Keep this in mind when following a diet, because, otherwise Fletcher Cox Color Rush Jersey , this simple act could become a nightmare.

Stay away from food after you have finished eating. We know how tempting can be to see some tasty food every time we enter into a room.

Now you know that it's not impossible to lose weight in a week. All you have to do is to think about the final results, having in mind the image of a perfect body. Article Tags: Lose Weight

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