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Yup, apI agree
[font=微软雅黑]B[/font]efore wearing human hair wig, we’d better clean our lace front wigs, although strict control of the hygiene standards of the production of human hair wig, but the production technology of human hair lace wigs is higher, in the process of production after more procedures, we should wash human hair wig in wear.
Why Should you wash your human hair wig before wearing it?
   Human hair wigs are divided into virgin hair,remy hair and non-remy hair
For virgin hair,virgin hair is the best hair,the same as the hair on the human body, hair will breed bacteria, because of many reasons, such as: the weather, people and so on .it will produce stains, to keep the beauty of the hair to make yourself more attractive, so need to clean the virgin human hair wig before wearing
For remy hair, remy hair is the processed human hair weave,which will be accompanied by chemicals in the processing. For a small number of people,there may be discomfort during the wearing.Therefore, it needs to be cleaned before wearing.
For non-remy hair,non-remy hair is collected from various channels,with low cleanliness and chemical treatment, so the experience will be worse than that remy hair. Therefore, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned before wearing.
See here, I believe that someone will buy virgin hair,the human hair wig sold in SuperNova Hair mall are guaranteed to be 100% virgin hair, and we will clean and disinfect the hair many times to ensure the health of customers,if you need cheap and good quality virgin hair,please enter our mall to choose the hair product you like.
Many girls who love beauty choose SuperNovahair wigs , full lace wigs also need us to care it carefully, human hair wigs have a set of wig care skills, how much do you know?Today I'm here to share some tips on human hair lace front wigs care.
1. Put the human hair wigs on the bracket
The wig should not be thrown away when it is taken off. It should be placed on a stand.
2. Put them in plastic bags when not in use
If there is a period of time not to wear human hair wigs, will put away the wigs, it not to be exposed to the air is best, easy to dust or messy, we should put the real hair wigs to the original use of wigs, or received in plastic bags.
3. Wash your hair wigs regularly
Pay special attention to the cleaning of wigs,it can not be washed with hot water, it will destroy the quality of cheap wigs, and can not long soak in the water, we need to wash it with warm water, after cleaning, leave it to dry naturally in a ventilated place.
4. The conditioner keeps it bright and lubricated
When cleaning human hair wigs,do not using rubbing with hand when you see some hairpiece knots, also do not want to pull,we should use protect hair element to keep smooth gently , and use protect hair element, then human hair wigs can return bright beautiful, be like just bought.
5. Comb your hair wigs with a wide tooth comb
When brushing the hair wigs, use a soft bristle brush or use a smooth-edged wide-toothed comb start at the ends of your hair wig and gently work your way up, in this way it avoids tangling and pulling damage. Always brush in a downward motion and do not brush harshly.
6. Curly hair wigs should not be combed
If you buy wigs for black women, do not use a comb to manage the curls. You can just use your hands to gently manage the curls.
7. Wet towel for crooked wig
If the straight hair becomes curly ,you must not use the hand to pull straight, it can easy to break hair.If you're too lazy to clean your wig, you can wet it with a towel and let it air dry to straighten  it.
8. Care for human hair wigs with non-oily lotion
Human hair Wigs used for a long time will not be as beautiful as the beginning of purchase, in fact,every day wearing a wig with non-oily maintenance fluid spray on the wig a few times, human hair wigs can not only prevent static electricity, restore the original appearance, lubrication.
When I ask my friends use human hair bundles conditioner or not? The answer, surprisingly, was never to use conditioner at all. When asked about the reason, they feel that the use of conditioner is not effective, but also need to clean the hair again that feel the trouble.
In fact, this is wrong. Conditioner is used after shampoo, it is the 2nd step of clean hair, it can clean hair not only twice, still can moisture and restore hair, secreted essential oil, keep hair healthy, soft, free from dirt and damage. So, when we wash our human hair wigs, we must use conditioner.
Virgin Hair also need extremely careful and meticulous care, the use frequency of human hair wig and life, and nursing method are closely related. Correct management of human hair wigs care and maintenance, not only can make the human hair maintain soft gloss, and can prolong the service life of the wig.
How to use conditioner to care for our human hair wigs?
1.A wig should be used before applying conditioner, must wipe the hair to do not drip, protect hair element on daub next. Same reason, the more concentrated protect hair nutrition product, for example elite fluid, hair film and so on, the dry degree requirement to the hair is a few taller. If there is too much water in the hair, the conditioner won't be absorbed effectively
2.Apply hair conditioner, if it is a blonde bob wig, from bottom to top comb, from the tip to the root, avoid pulling to the bottom of the wig net. In addition, when combing, to segment to comb, avoid a comb to the pull hair, the action to be gentle.Distribute the conditioner evenly and gently carding.
3. If the human hair wig quality is dry, when using conditioner, a few drops of olive oil mixed use better, it can let the hair get deeper curing. After evenly applying, wrap the wig in plastic wrap and leave it on for at least 15 minutes before rinsing off.
4. Retention time of conditioner
After using conditioner, do not knead wash, like that conditioner does not have what effect at all. Let conditioner to stay on hairpiece 10 minutes, because the effect that conditioner is short-term, it can undertake nutrition supply to hair silk only inside certain time actually. So, we don't need to leave the conditioner on for too long.
Finally, if you are buying a human hair wig, you need to care for it. Professional maintenance of high-end wigs on a regular basis has the best effect, which can improve the vitality of hair and keep beautiful wigs soft, bright and easy to manage.
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